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Logistics Management Division
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Panchali, Teku 
Dr. Bhim Singh Tinkari

LMD Office building

:: Introduction ::

            An efficient management of logistics is crucial for effective delivery of health services throughout the country. Hence, Logistics Management Division (LMD) had been established under the Department of Health Services in the year 2050/51 (1993), with a network of Central Stores, five Regional Medical Stores and District Stores. LMD is involved in Procurement of Essential Drugs, Family Planning Contraceptives, Maternal & Child Health Commodities, Vaccines, Medical Equipments, Vehicles and other Health Commodities. LMD is also responsible for their Storage and Distribution to Regions and Districts. LMD manages Logistics Management Information Systems (LMIS), from over 4,000 Health Facilities in the country.

           Recently LMD has started web based LMIS, web based Inventory Management System, Rural Telemedicine Program, and e-Post etc. improving access to Health Service & Information thereby helping decision makers at all levels.


Newआपत्कालीन औसधि खरिदको लागि सार्वजनिक सूचना
Telemedicine Training
Logistics Review Workshop (Western Region)
Contract award for the month of June, 2015
Re-Invitation for Quotation - Dental Instrument Set
Logistics Review Workshop (Mid-western Region)
Regional Procurement and Logistics Review Workshop (Far-western Region)
AMENDMENT OF BIDDING DOCUMENT NHSP-II/DOHS/G/ICB-72/2014-15, Procurement of Hospital Equipment
म्याद गुज्रन छोटो अवधि भएको औसधिहरुको विवरण पठाउने बारे
आपत्कालीन औसधि खरिदको लागि सार्वजनिक सूचना
Request for quotation - supply and delivery of dental instrument set
टेलिमेडिसिन तालिममा सहभागी पठाइदिने सम्बन्धमा । दार्चुला, बझाङ्ग, बाजुरा, अछाम, बैलडी, डडेलधुरा, डोटी, कालीकोट, जाजरकोट र दैलेख ।
NCB-83 Bid Submission Extension Notice
Extension of Quotation Submission for Emergency Procurement
Document for Procurement of Drugs and Surgical Goods for Emergency
Supply and Delivery of Commodities For National Micronutirent Status Survey
NHSP-II/DOHS/G/NCB-83/2014-15, Procurement of Printing Materials AMENDMENT OF BIDDING DOCUMENT
Minutes of Pre-Bid Meeting - NHSP-II/DOHS/G/ICB-70/2014-15 - Procurement of Drugs
ADDENDUM NOTICE - NHSP-II/DOHS/G/ICB-70/2014-15 - Procurement of Drugs
ADDENDUM NOTICE - NHSP-II/DOHS/G/ICB-70/2014-15 - Procurement of Drugs
NHSP-II/DOHS/G/ICB-72 - Procurement of Hospital Equipment
NHSP-II/DOHS/G/ICB-69/2014-15 - Procurement of RUTF and Fortified Flour
NHSP-II/DOHS/G/ NCB-67/2014-15 - Procurement of Urinary Reagent Strips and Plastic Container
प्रगति बिबरण पठाउने बारे (अत्यन्त जरुरी)
Rescheduling of Pre-Bid Meeting
NHSP-II/DOHS/G/ICB-81/2014-15 - Procurement of Cold Chain Equipments
NHSP-II/DOHS/G/NCB-83 /2014-15 - Procurement of Printing Materials
NHSP-II/DOHS/G/NCB-76 - Reconstitution Syringe

NHSP-II/DOHS/G/ICB-70/2014-15 - Procurement of Drugs (Amendment)

NHSP-II/DOHS/G/ICB-70/2014-15 - Procurement of Drugs

Supply and Delivery of Office Stationery and Other Goods

Clarification about DMPA Complaints

Notice of Intention to Award: Supply and Delivery of Vitamin A

Notice of cancellation of bidding procedure (ICB 54 and ICB 56)

IFB No: NHSP-II/DOHS/G/NCB-78/Procurement of Insecticides for Malaria and Kalazar /2014-15

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